Born in Berlin but raised in southern Germany, Matthias Diether gained his professional knowledge with the great German chefs: veteran Lothar Eiermann (Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe); kitchen grandmasters Harald Wohlfahrt (Traube Tonbach) and Dieter Müller (Schlosshotel Lerbach), and shooting star Sven Elverfeld (Aqua Wolfsburg). Since January 2016 Matthias Diether is the Chef de Cuisine of Alexander restaurant at Pädaste Manor on Muhu Island. 

Matthias ventured out into the world: he managed gourmet kitchens in Dubai for the Ritz Carlton, the Emirates Palace, and the Shangri-La, and led the kitchens of the Turnberry Resort in Scotland before moving to the pulsating German capital, Berlin, where he founded his signature restaurant in 2010. At the First Floor, he was able to perfect the artistic, elegant cooking style which characterises him today.

Delicate aromas, the best produce, sometimes opulent, sometimes subtle and tenderly staged… these features made him  the culinary favourite in Berlin.

Since 2009, Matthias has personally earned eight Michelin stars for the restaurants he has led. And today he is on the way to establishing his culinary home in Estonia: working on Muhu Island, Pädaste manor, he has fallen in love with our naturalness and our passion for Estonia's unique regional cuisine. This winter his residence will be in Tallinn.

"My credo is to give my fullest, together with my team, – every single day – to surprise our guests with sophisticated culinary creations which are both inspiring and a joy to eat. I love to use only authentic, fresh products of the highest quality, to try out different textures and, at times, unexpected combinations. All that we prepare should speak for itself, and for me this means that produce is the true star on the plate, without much need for fuss. My creations are clear, tasty and presented in a creative and contemporary way. The clean definition of the Nordic Islands’ Cuisine, together with having our own kitchen garden, our own forager, and not to forget the farmers, fishermen, hunters, and artisans directly at our door, is a dream come true for every passionate chef."